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Listed below are a number of publications and links to current statistical data which will help you in your research. If you have a specific question about mortgages or financing, please feel free to email [email protected]

  The HPI tracks the price of an "benchmark" or average property over time. Click here for more information.  

  These graphs allow you to compare "solds" and "for sales" in a given area. The charts also show the overall activity in the area allowing you to see the sales trends. Click here for more information.  
  Our reports provide analysis of the monthly Housing Price Index for you. Click here for more information.  

Title Author Type Size
12 Steps to Buying Your Home CREA PDF 1 MB
10 Steps to Selling Your Home CREA     PDF 1 MB
Choosing A Neighborhood CREA     PDF 862 kb
Residential Tenant Act CREA     PDF 841 kb 
Home Buying Step By Step CREA     PDF 839 kb 
School Map CREA     PDF 605 kb 
Underting Oil Tanks CREA     PDF 715 kb 
Buying A New Condominim ONHWP  PDF 126.9 kb 
Choosing A Neighborhood CMHC PDF 775.0 kb 
Condominium Buyers Guide CMHC PDF 238.87 kb 
Home Buying Step By Step CMHC PDF  839.6 kb 
Investing Your Dollars  CBA PDF 459.13 kb 
Managing Your Money CBA PDF 295.24 kb 
Mortgage Wise  CBA PDF 658.83 kb 
New Home Buyers CheckList  ONHWP PDF  169.72 kb 
Newcomers Guide To Canadian Housing CMHC PDF 546.83 kb 
The Economy & You CBA PDF 535.2 kb 
The Interest In Your Life CBA  PDF 424.84 kb